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What Chapters Are In Outside The Spotlight's Second Half?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

This post presents the second half of the chapter list for Outside The Spotlights, written in third person. Each section includes a brief description of the chapter – who or what it’s about and how I knew them.

You can find the book on Amazon here:

Link to Amazon page for Outside The Spotlights

Content List Part 2:

The contents for part 2 of the memoir picks up with Part 4, after Elaine decided to leave LA and her job with the Universal TV Group to move to Portland, Oregon.

Part 4: A Break From L.A. in Portland, Oregon, and New York City

In 1990, Elaine relocated to Portland, Oregon, and started the new media consulting company EMS and Associates, Inc. Her company was hired for multiple projects at the studios in L.A. and at start-up ventures in Portland and New York City. It was during these years that she met people with eclectic entertainment careers outside of Hollywood. She led the launch team for the Compuserve-funded first Internet entertainment magazine, eDrive. In 1998, she joined Hollywood Entertainment and led the team responsible for, the online presence for the Hollywood Video stores.

Chapter 16 Steve Gehlen: I Wanted a Job at Nike That Didn’t Exist Yet

  • New media executive, online marketing expert, bluegrass musician and screenwriter, with a successful entertainment career outside Hollywood

  • Hired Elaine for her first contract in Portland

  • First Producer for

  • Board Member and Chairman of the Portland Creative Conference (Cre8con)

Chapter 17 Kellyn Beeck: My Interest Is the Story of the Game Rather Than the Technology

  • Game designer, producer and technology company executive

  • Creator of the game Defender of the Crown and Producer for The Seventh Guest and its sequel The Eleventh Hour

  • Currently a technology security expert, consulting for Accenture

Chapter 18 Jeffrey King: I Assumed the Best Title Ever—Chief Strategy Officer

  • Co-founder of Entertainment Drive, originally a Compuserve site and then an Internet site called eDrive, which innovated online film and TV promotion

  • Business development executive for multiple Internet startup companies

  • Focused now on management consulting for sustainable energy companies

Chapter 19 Rosie McGee: Turn Off Your Cell Phone and Smoke a Big Doobie

  • Backstage logistics manager for live music productions, musicians’ office manager, photographer and writer

  • Grateful Dead expert and historian for current fans of the group

  • Author of the memoir Dancing With the Dead

Chapter 20 Franny French: Everything You Need Is Right Beside You

  • Writer, editor and co-author of the unpublished crime novel The Time It Takes To Drown

  • Lead Content Writer for, the website for the Hollywood Video stores

  • Currently on the interactive marketing team for the line of education annotation software products

PART 5: Dream Job at 20th Century Fox—Again

Elaine moved back to L.A. in 2004 to take a job as a Producer for In the middle of 2005, she changed positions and went back to 20th Century Fox to work with an executive she’d known for decades as someone whose style matched her own. This led to a position as Director of the industry-changing FoxFast team. She retired in 2016.

Chapter 21 Tom Tralongo: I’d Rather Be on the Front of the Wave Than the Back

  • Entertainment IT Executive with an expertise in worldwide distribution

  • People-focused leader with a collaborative, encouraging management style

  • Executive responsible for hiring the original FoxFast team

Chapter 22 Sheila Liao: A Career Forged by Amazing Mentors

  • Fox IT Business Analyst with expertise in international contract systems

  • An example of the collaborative spirit Elaine found when she returned to Fox

Chapter 23 Alison Lyons: If You’re Not Having Fun on the Job, Something’s Not Right

  • Fox IT Project Manager who managed customer services as they became FoxFast

  • Admired as an inclusive, supportive and superb leader

Chapter 24 Scott Gregg: I’m Really Good at Business Class With a Cocktail

  • Fox International Television Distribution EVP

  • Sales Operations expert and IT SME (Subject Matter Expert)

Chapter 25 Mark Morrison: Reinventing Myself in China

  • Fox International Distribution Servicing Director

  • FoxFast business liaison for distribution customer service

  • Left Fox to become an English-language professor at a Chinese university

Chapter 26 Mark Kaner: It’s All About the People

  • President of Fox International TV Distribution

  • FoxFast champion and respected executive with unmatched motivation skills

  • Led his team by example with a fair and supportive style backed by high standards for all

Chapter 27 John Koscheka: The Glamour of Cleaning Out George Carlin’s Garage

  • EVP of Fox Digital Manufacturing and Distribution

  • FoxFast visionary and launch champion who made technological innovation exciting

Chapter 28 Mike Bessolo: Where Creatives With Discipline Go in Business

  • SVP of Fox International TV Marketing

  • FoxFast champion

  • Brought years of experience marketing major Disney titles to his job at Fox

Chapter 29 Justin Primo: My Creativity Was Required

  • Fox Marketing VP, responsible for customization of marketing and promotion for international licensees

  • FoxFast SME for online marketing features

Chapter 30 Ligaya Lange: Leading Our Digital Minglers

  • FoxFast Customer Liaison for the initial launch

  • Executive responsible for coordinating inter-departmental projects for International Television Distribution, including introducing FoxFast enhancements to customers

The FoxFast Team

The remaining chapters in Part 5 present the stories of people on the FoxFast team. Elaine managed this team, which became a strong, technically innovative and collaborative group that built a website with never-before-attempted technical customer services. Each member of the team exhibited the highest standards of expertise, people skills and determination to excel.

Chapter 31 Ashish Bhatt: I Believe I Was One of the First Binge Watchers

  • IT Business Analyst

  • Joined the team in India, moved to L.A., then moved back to India

Chapter 32 Koundinya Gadamsetty: They Listened And Wanted Our Feedback

  • QA (quality assurance) expert on the FoxFast team

  • Believes testing is the key to system success

Chapter 33 Umesh Mandadapu: They Hired 15 Out of 400 Applicants—I Was One of Them

  • Database architect

  • Technical expert and liaison to internal Fox IT teams

Chapter 34 Ramesh Gurram: Anyone With a Problem Is Made to Feel Heard

  • FoxFast Technical Project Manager

  • Director of FoxFast Worldwide Site Operations

Chapter 35 Larry Owens: Never Think of What You Do As Unimportant

  • User experience expert and Business Analyst at Universal, Dreamworks and Fox

  • Uncanny content proofreader the whole team relies on

Chapter 36 Ken Mihara: I Want to Join Tech in Entertainment

  • IT Business analyst who joined FoxFast after its launch

  • FoFast team Director

Chapter 37 Nag Mantena: We Didn’t Expect to Study Computers

  • First FoxFast team technical lead and Director after Elaine’s retirement

  • Currently VP Technology West Coast for Fox Corp, the portion of Fox not purchased by Disney

PART 6: Name Dropping Essay—Hi, I’m Carol [Burnett]

The final section of the book is a collection of anecdotes about the famous people Elaine encountered because she worked for the studios in Hollywood. The people mentioned include Carol Burnett, Tom Selleck, Meryl Streep, Steve Buscemi, Bebe Neuwirth, Kiefer Sutherland, figure skater Kurt Browning and Jonathan Winters. Also included are thoughts about the year she attended the Emmys. These encounters were exciting, yes, but they also serve to emphasize the fact that when you work in Hollywood, famous people are a fun part of the equation.

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