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Elaine Writes Media is the exclusive publisher of books by Elaine Spooner. Her new book, coming to Amazon in September 2024, is called Creating a Career in Entertainment. The imprint's published books  include her memoir and a children's book written by her mother, Marilyn Spooner. Check them out below.

Outside The Spotlights

ISBN-978-1-7357911-2-8  Paperback

ISBN-978-1-7357911-3-5  eBook


Outside The Spotlights: Conversations With Unsung Creators Behind the Screens in  Hollywood features 37 behind-the-scenes profiles of unknowns in a business everyone knows, written to inspire and entertain readers who dream of working in entertainment or who just want to know more about how the business really works.

The stories unfold from Elaine’s perspective as a backstage insider and rare-ish woman in technology, one who didn’t expect that being female would be an impenetrable barrier to where she was headed. She held positions at four major studios and acted as an interactive media consultant during the .com boom. Some of her profile subjects pursued traditional roles like actor, director, writer or producer. Others worked way behind the camera as IT professionals, marketing gurus, studio executives, game developers, web designers and content creators, distribution experts or music managers.

Book cover image for The Barn That Moved Away
The Barn That Moved Away
by Marilyn Spooner

ISBN-978-1-7357911-1-175  Hard Cover

ISBN-978-1-7357911-2-8   eBook

The Barn That Moved Away is a children's story about the upside of change and how it can improve a life. In this case, the life of a barn on a farm in northern New England. Told from the barn’s point of view, the tale describes how the barn in question moved from a location that no longer needed the traditional services of a barn to one many miles away to begin a new life.

Purchased by the Martha’s Vineyard Historical Society, the barn was lovingly dismantled and carefully trucked to it’s new home on the island. The barn enthusiastically embraced its new home and encouraged all the readers of its story to come visit.

Author Marilyn Spooner (1926-2011) spent her entire life in the northern New Hampshire town where the barn also lived. In fact, the barn performed its duties on her husband’s family farm. She spent over twenty years as the town Librarian. Her favorite part of that job (although she loved most books and loved matching people with books she knew they’d like) was that it allowed her to interact with the children in the community.

The book's original pen-and-ink illustrations are by Barbara Riley.

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