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Elaine Spooner


Elaine Spooner worked in the entertainment industry for almost forty years and now  writes and publishes books and stories about how successful entertainment careers are built. Her imprint, Elaine Writes Media, also publishes her mother's children's books.


“The stories of how entertainment pros build careers are fascinating to me. The people who work there strive to tell stories, entertain the audience and participate in a highly visible club. We are attracted to the spotlight, yes, but don’t want the spotlight to shine directly on us.”

She built a career she enjoyed while helping to define how technology would change the business. The important thing wasn’t only the camera or the set, but also the people who worked in every department on the lot and in every office anywhere in the world.

Fortunate to be hired by major studios (Fox, Warner Bros., Disney and Universal), Hollywood Entertainment, owner of the Hollywood Video store chain, and new media startups, Elaine’s timing drove her career because her arrival coincided with the introduction of the personal computer.

Elaine is retired and lives in Florida.

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