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Do you want a new or evolving career in the entertainment industry?


You can succeed on your own path. I'm a retired production tech expert and author of books designed to help students and pros find a place in diverse areas of entertainment. 

The entertainment industry is tough, absolutely. The experts in my books figured out how to build unexpected careers behind the scenes. You can too. Learn more below. 

Find your place in the
entertainment industry

Get ready for the reveal of my upcoming book 'Creating a Career in Entertainment, Collaborating Outside the Spotlights in an Evolving Industry'.  Discover insider tips and advice to start or continue your journey in the industry. Don't miss out on these stories full of ideas about how to elevate your career!

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Outside the Spotlights: Conversations With Unsung Creators Behind the Screens in Hollywood features 37 profiles of entertainment innovators. The stories are told by actors and producers, studio and game executives, website creators, distribution experts and a music manager. Each spotlights how diverse opportunities for success in entertainment play out over multi-faceted careers.


I loved your book. Great insights to the behind the scenes of Hollywood and some of the unsung, less visible heroes.

John Koscheka, Senior Program Manager, Amazon Prime Video


It was interesting to read how technology progressed and to think about the imaginations of those people who initiated change and led others in that same direction. The common threads:  strong work ethic, willingness to take a chance, hunger for a challenge, goal setting, perseverance, the ability to think on their feet and seemingly fearless in facing change.  

Shauna Kimball, Retired High School Guidance Counselor

Two Books From Elaine Write Media Are Available Now On This Site - My Memoir and The Barn That Moved Away, a Book for Children by My Mother Marilyn Spooner
Book cover image for Outside the Spotlights
Book cover image for The Barn That Moved Away
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